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I have more than 1 daughter at the school but I can only put in 1 ‘students name’ when I check out. What can I do?
No problems, all you need to do is take the following steps in order to set up each child in your account so next time when you place an order you can choose who it’s for.
Step 1: go to ‘My Account
Step 2: click on ‘Your Address Book
Step 3: click on the black dot on the right ‘Add Address
Step 4: enter details for each child one at a time

What are the available payment options online?
Online payments can be made online by AMEX, MasterCard and VISA.

What can I order from using this Online Uniform Shop?
You can order anything available online from Prep to Year 12 but please keep in mind that we do NOT refund/exchange hats, swimming costumes and water polo costumes due to health regulations. We can only exchange socks/tights if they have not been opened/worn and still in original packaging. For these items it would be best for your daughter to come to the Uniform Shop to try on to determine the correct size.

What shipping options are available?
Please refer to 'Pick Up & Deliveries' under 'Quick Links' on the Home page for more details.

How do I make sure that I am buying the right size?

  • Students can come into the Uniform Shop to try on uniforms if you are not sure what size they would be and then you can place the order online, or
  • Check your daughter's size on the uniform's label they are currently wearing. They would usually be the next size up ie currently wearing size C06, next size would be C08.

What does 'C' and 'A' stand for when I select a product online?
'C' stands for Child Sizes and 'A' stands for Adult Sizes.

How do I know if my daughter needs to wear her Summer/Winter Uniform?


What happens if an item is 'Out of Stock'?
Firstly, please go to the home page and check if there are any updates in 'Stock Update' under 'Quick Links' on the bottom left corner.
Otherwise if there are no updates for the stock you are after please contact the Uniform Shop.

What do I do with a faulty item or if I need an item exchanged?
Please return the item to the Uniform Shop with your receipt for inspection and we can discuss the options with you.

Can I purchase second hand items online?
No.  Second hand clothing items are not available online and purchases will need to be ordered directly from the Uniform Shop due to variable stock availability and condition.
The Clothing Pool opens every Thursday (during school term) from 8am -10am for you to browse.


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